Five Painting Your House Myths Debunked

There are various reasons for hiring painters in Brisbane to paint your home. It could be for maintenance, aesthetic reasons or to fetch a better rate when selling it. Whatever the reason may be, there are a few myths that keep nagging and confusing you while making choices. So we will be debunking some myths on painting your home.

Myth no. 1. Painting services don’t give you choices

This is a common misconception most homeowners have about hiring professional painters. It’s not that they limit your colour choices. They provide advice on the perfect colour combinations and paints to use for your home. They don’t charge more if you request more colours, but you may be charged extra if you ask them to apply a second coat. This depends on who you hire and your package as some include a free coating to customers.

Myth no. 2. Hiring cheap painters in Brisbane is the best option

This is not always true, especially if you want premium services with the best results. You have to be ready to pay a bit more for high-quality results as premium Brisbane painters charge extra for their commercial grade products and a team of experts.  Chris Hoole Painters offer Brisbanes best painting service, forget about hiring the cheapest make sure you hire the best.

Myth no. 3. It’s cheaper doing it on my own

False. With so many YouTube videos and DIY guides telling you how easy it is to paint your home and how you can save money, you are naturally tempted to do the project yourself. Unfortunately, you usually end up spending more money on a DIY project.

You buy, and waste more paint because you use the wrong techniques. There’s also the risk of mixing colours if your walls and ceilings have different colours. Professional Brisbane painters know how to do their job well, and use the best techniques and minimum paint with each brush stroke.

Myth no. 4. Pregnant women should not stay inside while painters work

This was right years ago as paint then contained highly dangerous components for not only pregnant women but also anyone inhaling the fumes. Professional Brisbane painters today use reliable and odourless products that don’t include anything dangerous.

So as long as there’s proper ventilation, it’s safe for pregnant women to stay in the house while painters work. As this depends on circumstances, it’s always better to be safe and have pregnant women temporarily moved out if there’s any painting work to be done.

Myth no. 5. Furniture has to be moved out when painting the house

It’s the non-professional painters who will do this. The professionals don’t move your things outside but instead, place all your furniture at some parts of your home and protect them appropriately.…

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3 Tips For Painting Outdoor Furniture

If you have outdoor furniture that needs to be repainted then you should first have some knowledge about the processes involved in it. If you ask a local salesman about the kind of paint you should buy then you might not get the right advice. You should take professional advice before you start repainting your outdoor furniture. Here are some tips are given by the professionals in this regard.

Painting wood furniture

Many people will tell you that it’s very difficult to repaint wood furniture. There is a high probability that the paint will come off as paint doesn’t get glued to wood easily. This is a misconception. There are different paints available now that are great for wood furniture.

Preparing the surface

Before you start painting, it is important to prepare the surface. You must first use a scraper to take off the previous paint. Then use an oxygen bleach to remove the damaged wood lining. This way you will get back the natural wood color. Now the surface will be ready for painting.

Remove wood fuzz

To remove the wood fuzz, you will have to get rid of the dust first. Then you should apply primer. You must also take care of all the cracks in the furniture. Otherwise, water might get into those cracks.

It is preferred that you choose a shade of the original color of your furniture. That way, your old furniture will look like a shiny new one. You can recoat a number of times to make sure that the paint settles well. By preparing your surface properly, you will lower the risk of paint coming off.…

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Top 5 tips for taking care of your outdoor furniture

You need to maintain your outdoor furniture more carefully than your indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture has to tolerate the heat of the sun, rain, snow, wind and other harsh weather conditions. So, they require more attention. Here are some takes that can help you to take care of your outdoor furniture.

Wicker furniture

Many people prefer wicker furniture for their outdoors. You can easily clean this furniture using soap and water. You shouldn’t use salt water. It is better to keep it away from any heat. If you know that you are not going to use the furniture for a long time, then cover it up to protect it from the damages of sunlight.

Metal furniture

Metal furniture can rust easily. When you repaint your furniture, make sure that you use rust-inhibiting primer and color. When you see rust appearing you must apply a new coat of paint over it. You should use some soap and lukewarm water to clean aluminum furniture. You should not use any abrasive cleaners as it can cause damage to the furniture.

Fabric furniture

Fabric furniture can be greatly affected by the dirt and harsh weather condition. You should use a brush to remove the dirt from the furniture. Then use a mild detergent to clean the fabric. You should wash the cushions as well. Some cushions have removable covers. You can put those in your washing machine. If there is any stain on the fabric, you must immediately wipe the affected area. You should use a mild soap solution and use a cloth to wipe off the area.

Wood furniture

Wood furniture is subject to wear and tear. You should use a solution of hot water and oxygen bleach to clean the wood furniture. You should use a soft-bristle brush to clean the furniture.

Plastic furniture

Mild soap solution can be used for cleaning plastic furniture. You can also use bleach. It is better to clean the plastic furniture right after you have spent time outside. This will protect it from harmful rays of the sun.

Different types of furniture need different types of treatment. But as a rule of thumb, you can clean any furniture using lukewarm water and soap. Oxygen bleach is also a good cleaning agent. You should take good care of your outdoor furniture so that it stays in good condition.…

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4 Steps For Painting Rusted Outdoor Furniture

Unlike other furniture, rusty outdoor furniture is very difficult to paint. The reason is that the paint doesn’t stick to the furniture properly. If you have rusted furniture then here are the steps you should take to paint them.

Remove the rust

You should use a rotary tool having brush drill as an attachment to take off the rust from the furniture. They use a broom to remove the rust from the furniture.

Sand the furniture

You should use a sandpaper to create a smooth surface. Rubbing the furniture with sandpaper eliminates the rough edges. This makes it easy to apply the paint.

Wash it with detergent

After you have removed the rust and sanded the surface of the furniture, you should wash it thoroughly with detergent. This will remove any residue left over. Then you should let the furniture dry up completely.

Apply primer and paint

You should use a rust-inhibiting primer and paint for the furniture. It is recommended that you apply two coats of primer. Then apply the paint. You can apply as many coats as you want until you get your desired color.

You should apply a sealer, like urethane, after you have painted the furniture. This will protect the furniture from the sun’s harmful rays and will prevent the color from fading. You should carefully choose the paint so that it lasts for a long time.

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